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is a specialist European Distributor of in-struments and consumables mainly for the Semiconductor and Solar industry, but also for the Medical Device, Aerospace and re-lated Industries.

Using our long established relationships within these industries worldwide, we bring the newest and most technologically ad-vanced products in their fields to the Euro-pean market.


We supply, amongst others, systems for Probe card metrology, laser probing and emission detection, wafer thickness, geometry, resistivity, surface inspec-tion, slot-die coating, decapsulation and de-layering, SEM/TEM sample preparation equipment, scanning acoustic microscopy, plasma cleaning, vacuum bake/vapour prime, X-Ray inspection, MEMS charac-terisation and measurement of topography defor-mation.

We also supply calibration standards.

In many areas we have extensive expertise and expe-rience built up over many years.

EPO-TEK ® Adhesives

In 2008, John P. Kummer Ltd took over the responsibil-ity as distributor for EPO-TEK® adhesives to provide high quality local distribution services and technical applications support for speciality adhesives from Epoxy Technology Inc. in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Early in 2011 John P Kummer GmbH repeated the process for Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe.

Since August 2013, John P. Kummer AG has been the official EPO-TEK® distributor for Switzerland, Liechten-stein, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

In February 2014 Epoxy Technology Europe Ltd. was founded. This company is a joint venture between Epoxy Technology, Inc. and the John P. Kummer Group. Production facilities for premixed frozen syringes, management and employees as well as all QS and production processes from John P. Kummer Ltd were transferred to the new company which is also located in Marlborough (UK). The existing ISO 9001:2008 certification has been reissued under the new company name. This joint venture will ensure the supply of high quality and high volume PMF for the whole of Europe.

The KUMMER GROUP is able to provide its customers with its combined expertise when applied to various specialized applications in the field of semiconductor, hybrid microelectronics, circuit/electronic assembly, medical devices and optical materials.

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